JonGor Software

Custom software design, delivery and consultancy

Why are you here?

We all know how the story goes - deadlines approach faster than anybody expects and corners are cut to get the project shipped. More often than not, the software is the first (and even last) casualty here.
Rather than let that happen, you are looking for a better way to create or maintain your code.

How can we help?

JonGor Software is dedicated to helping you fulfill those software needs. Whether the project is a fresh seedling of an idea or a well-established legacy application, we can provide a helping hand wherever it is required.

With large expertise and years of development experience in all of the following areas, we are ready to help with almost any aspect of your project:

  • Mobile applications on iOS or Android.
  • Deeply embedded software on bare-metal systems.
  • Website design and other front-end development.
  • Desktop software for Windows.

For more information, please get in touch by dropping us an email with your initial requirements.